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Organic Hemp seed protein powder



The Hemp seed is one of the greatest seeds of nature particularly as they contain a rich source of protein at a massive 50%, it also has every essential amino acids that your body needs. Raw Hemp seeds also have the benefit of having the optimum source of the essential fatty acids including omega 3-6 & 9, they are loaded with vital nutrients. Perfect for your daily super smoothies!

Massive 50% Protein

Perfect addition for your daily smoothies and shakes

Excellent Source of omega 3, 6 & 9

Hemp contains every essential amino acids your body needs!


Hemp seed nutrition

Our organic Hemp seed protein powder



 We have made it our mission to source you the finest organic hemp powder which has been found growing on our local European fields. Our organically grown raw hemp seeds are selected for the finest quality and then slowly pressed to separate the hemp oil from the solids to form a paste. Once the paste has dried into cake, it is stone ground to bring to you the finest quality hemp powder available for you to enjoy.


Our hemp powder is 100% organic, raw and from the current years crop so you know you are buying fresh quality hemp powder that retains the wonderful goodness contained within every tiny super seed.


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Elixhair - Hair growth

Sacred Trinity

Turmeric, Ginger & Tulsi

Vitamin D3 /K2 & Magnesium

Astaxanthin & Coconut oil




Astaxanthin with Coconut Oil

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