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Elixhair - Hair growth

Sacred Trinity

Turmeric, Ginger & Tulsi

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We're Very lucky to live is such a beautiful part of the world!

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Wellgood is a family run business established since 2004 based in the rolling countryside of Cornwall on the outskirts of the popular beauty spot of Newquay.

We are a true Cornish family with our family tree dating back to at least 1779.

Our family have lived the simple life past and presently we've grown our own vegetables and fruit, kept chickens and goats, each year we look forward to our timely tradition searching for those juicy and sweet elderberries and blackberries abundant from the hedgerows at the end of the summer days.

Our family also have a love of the steam traction engines, a small but splendid fleet of tractors, steam rollers, steam lorry's and even a steam powered musical organ are proudly shown today at popular steam fairs reminding us all of our past heritage of the country world as it once was.

Country folk at heart we naturally have always worked with and marveled at the wonders of nature and understand that natures bountiful gifts including those weeds that pop up all around us (and not just in cornwall) are abundant in vital nutrients that are an essential part of being all well and good.











We are on a mission to help you, our aim (which says it in our name) has and always will be to bring you wellness from the goodness from our organic raw foods, to our convenient colourful supplement range, our growing natural body care products and not forgetting our very special supplements for our pets we love, all sourced carefully throughout our planet for quality and freshness. We do not like the use of chemicals, pesticides, GM or unnecessary additives in our products. we spend many months intensely researching traditional uses, the history and benefits of each and every product (some have taken years to develop) to bring you the very best of nature because we trust it has most of our answers!





WellGood is an established brand that is trusted from our long term customers worldwide, we are proud to have created for you our quality wholefoods & super supplements range, we hope you find them helpful as much as we do!

We look forward to you joining us on this journey of well-being of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

In Nature We Trust..

























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Astaxanthin with Coconut Oil

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