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Elixhair's Frequently asked questions

What makes ElixHair different from other hair growth products? Elixhair works from WITHIN targeting your hair with key nutrients, as well as your skin and nails to look the most luscious and healthiest they can possibly be. This advanced formulation combines maximum strength biotin for speedy, stronger and longer hair and nail growth. Enriched with MSM a super form of sulphur to nourish and strengthen hair follicles, blended with superior bamboo extract a high quality, consistent natural form of silica, that's better absorbed and bioavailable than the more commonly used horsetail found in other hair growth products. What will it do for my skin and nails? Elixhair is a 3 in 1 complete beauty product focusing not just with hair but skin and nails too which are equally important. The hydrolysed marine collagen peptides helps counteract signs of ageing such as fine wrinkles and dehydrated skin. As we age our natural collagen production slows down within the body, adding it back in makes sense! Using the very best collagen available on the market, marine collagen is very similar to our own giving the best results naturally possible. Will it stop hair loss? If you find your hairbrush gets overloaded rather quickly or you find your plug hole is full after taking a shower then YES ElixHair will help keep your hair on your head where it belongs. Unfortunately this product or any other will not cure genetic pattern baldness more common in men but will help it stay put as with woman. For men..will it help my beard grow faster? YES Elixhair is even designed with beards in mind to grow your beard long and fast providing that overall healthy appearance you are looking for. Will it work for me? Have you like many overdone it with the hair dye or bleach over the years? Has it become brittle, dry and dull? Perhaps you have recently had a baby and your hair has fallen out dramatically as many new mums find out. Are you looking for an answer for post chemotherapy effects to grow your hair back fast? Are you looking for a alopecia treatment to thicken your hair or would you just like stronger, longer, fuller more luscious locks? Then ElixHair is for you! Can ElixHair really stop or even reverse grey hair? Copper deficiency is one of the leading causes of losing natural hair colour, as your hair follicles fail to receive enough nutrients and minerals and as we age they stop making melanin (pigment) your hair turns grey as a result. Elixhair has blended copper into its formula to prevent grey hair from forming it can potentially reverse grey hair after long term of use thanks to the copper. How long until I see results of this biotin supplement? On Average after using half the bottle you will find your hair no longer breaks off when brushing or showering, feels healthier and has a new shine. After 2 months of use (1 bottle) your hair will have extra length and volume with continued use your hair will be gorgeously thick and long. Your nails will no longer be brittle or weak but strong and long ready for your favourite polish, your skin should have a new radiance about it. What additives do you use? NONE! This is a 100% natural product, We dislike using additives in all our products, you will not find any unnecessary or sometimes harmful fillers, bulking agents or extra additives such as magnesium stearate found within the majority of supplements on the market today. Why have you added magnesium glycinate? Today many of us are deficient in magnesium due too low intake from our diet, alcohol consumption is another factor the result is feeling fatigued, confused loss of memory and irritable to name a few, we care about your health so have added the best quality easily absorbed magnesium we could find to give you that little extra boost.

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