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Just the best pure organic bitter apricot kernels in a vegan capsule

Organic Raw Bitter Apricot seed kernel capsules 500mg

 Bitter apricot kernels are one of the greatest seeds of nature! particularly as they contain the worlds richest source of vitamin B17, they also have the benefit of being an excellent source of the good unsaturated fats that can protect your heart and overall health, they are loaded with essential minerals, protein, enzymes and fibre.


To stay compliant with the new legislation we can only serve our Organic bitter apricot kernel capsules as a pet supplement. The label has now changed for pets but is exactly the same formula as before the change of law. The popularity of this product has not been affected by this label change!




Natures richest source of Vitamin B17


Excellent Source of protein and fiber


Rich in minerals, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium


Source of the good fats


Perfect for those that dislike the taste of the bitter seed


100% Raw, unbleached, bitter apricot kernels



Why Choose Ours?

Vitamin B17

Law Change

500mg Organic Bitter Apricot Kernel Powder,  Plant based capsule shell. 100% Additive Free!

How much amygdalin or vitamin B17 is there per capsule?



Each capsule contains almost 1.5 kernels. It is important to consume the whole seed as either the capsule or raw seed itself due to the natural combination of the essential enzymes which work together within the seed for maximum benefit.


WellGoods Popular Organic Bitter apricot seed supplement is still the popular choice amongst our loyal customers worldwide despite this new label change becoming a pet supplement. our formula is exactly the same as before (pure organic bitter apricot kernel powder) when the food standards agency recommended the suggested use of 1-2 kernels per day. The bitter apricot kernel was (still is! pending legislation) classified as a food product which has been in place for at least 7 years that we have been around.


Free from artificial colours, flavours, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast and magnesium stearate. 100% additive free!



Made in the UK in a GMP compliant facility under strict standards (GMP, BCR, HMC & Organic by the soil association)



* Gluten Free  * Organic * Vegetarian* Vegan  *Non GMO  * Magnesium Stearate Free * High strength naturally sourced

GM Free


Raw Food





 Why choose our apricot Kernels?


They are our specialty! WellGood have made it our top mission to source you the finest bitter apricot seeds which have been found on the sun-kissed trees of the Himalayan region, they have been hand picked and shelled from the hard shell ready for you to enjoy. Our kernels are 100%  organic therefore have been grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides they are GMO free as nature intended them to be.



Why Choose Our products?


Every one of our products have been carefully selected and blended to keep you all Well and Good! We only  source the very best of natures gifts from  around the globe. We think nature deserves an award for its array of special, unique and natural power's that help us lead a more healthier happier and more vibrant life, we trust in Nature and do not believe in using nasty  additives, chemicals, colours or preservatives in any of our products we only use plant based capsules in our products making us vegetarian, Pescatarian, paleo & often a vegan friendly bunch.


  B17 & Apricot kernels around the world..


Bitter apricot kernels have been part of ancient Chinese medicine for centuries they've also been used in specific Russian remedies since 1985, today a lot of us have heard of the Hunza people of Pakistan, they are an exceptionally healthy tribe, they eat and live completely organically and are renowned for being some of the healthiest peoples in the world. It is common to find vigorous, healthy people well into their 100s! One of the key factors is the mineral rich water they drink, but also their diet. One of their favourite foods and an important part of the Hunza people's diet are Apricots. They are eaten fresh in the summer and dried for the winter. The kernels are removed, ground and roasted, the oil is used for cooking, dressings and as a facial lotion. On average, The Hunzas eat between 50 to 75 milligrams of Vitamin B17 a day in the Western World, most wouldn't consume this amount in a year!



Vitamin B17, also refereed to as amygdalin, Laetrile, prussic acid, hydrocyanic acid, is naturally found in over a thousand different foods,

including the seeds of fruits such as apples, cherries,

peaches & plums, it is also found in lower amounts in sweet apricot kernels,

Bamboo shoots, alfalfa, spinach, wild blackberries,

elderberries and gooseberries,

the richest source is found within the bitter apricot kernel.


We have made it our top mission to source you the finest, freshest B17

rich apricot kernels in the world. Our apricot seeds are 100% organic

so you can be assured you and your best friend is receiving

the full potential of natures goodness.


We're sorry to inform you that the raw bitter apricot kernel is under attack and is going to be banned very soon as a food product for human consumption due to new EU and UK legislation because of the high amounts of vitamin B17 contained per kg of seeds. The new restriction requirements states we must prove our kernels are under the following very low amount of up to 20mg of B17 per kg of kernels to be classed as a human food product.


This does not effect fresh apricots you can buy from shops, blanched kernels or flavouring's such as marzipan or the drink amaretto where the B17 content has been diminished due to the high temperatures needed for processing these products.


This new upcoming Law (not in place yet!) (whether we remain in the EU or not) will make our Raw Bitter Kernel's and capsules (and other suppliers/stockists in the EU) illegal for human food consumption due to its high amount of Hydrocyanic acid, amygdalin, prussic acid or more commonly known as Vitamin B17. To stay compliant with the new legislation we can only serve our popular Organic bitter apricot kernel capsules as a pet supplement only,  many of our customers have used our bitter apricot seed capsules for this purpose in the past and continue to do so by either breaking the capsule in half to give the correct dosage or by using pill pockets especially designed for administering supplements and medicines for your pets.





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