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Q: How much natural B17 is in each apricot kernel?

A: Approximately 5mg of B17 is found in each apricot seed.


Q: How many apricot seeds should I take each day?

A: we must state here that the food standards agency says your allowed to eat 2-3 kernels per day, please feel free to do your own research or use your own common sense to determine the best amount for you.

With that said most people find that one apricot seed for every 10 pounds of body weight per day spread out throughout the day is a good amount. You should build up to this amount over a few days or even weeks. Start with one apricot seed an hour and see how you do. Remember to never over consume apricot seeds, always start with a small amount and slowly increase that amount if you feel you want to.

Q: do i have bitter apricot kernel side effects?

A:  if you experience dizziness, headaches or upset stomach you are eating too many apricot kernels or eating them too fast, listen to your body and reduce the amount you are eating to the dosage thats right for you.

Q: How much B17 should I take daily?

A: Quantities vary from person to person depending on their needs. Research all products before consumption. Consult your naturopath, homeopath, physician, kinesiologist or physician of choice. As with apricot seeds, always start with a small amount and slow move to a higher amount if desired.


Q: Can I freeze apricot seeds?

A: We recommend you do not freeze apricot seeds as this could destroy the essential enzymes and active compounds within the seed. They are better kept in a cool dry place like the refrigerator


Q: How long can I store the apricot seeds?

A: Up to one year in the refrigerator.


Q: Are your apricot kernels organic

A: yes our apricot kernels from the Himalayas have gone through the strict proceedings of the soil association so you can be assured no chemicals or pesticides have been used and that your apricot seeds are certainly not genetically messed around with (GM).


Q: Are your apricot seeds raw?

A: Yes, our apricot seeds are air dried in their hard shells, the shells are then removed  and packaged. No other processing has been done.


Q: Isn’t b17 illegal in the united kingdom?

A: No, the seed of the apricot is not illegal however, making claims of any health benefit has been forbidden by the FSA & FDA.

Bitter apricot kernel extract known as amygdalin has recently been made a 'prescription only medicine' if  you here of any doctors in the uk with a license to prescribe amygdalin please let us know!


Q: Can I give these products to my pets?

A: Many of our customers do and have had no problems. Keep in mind your pet’s body weight and adjust accordingly, and always check with your veterinarian.


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: Yes, for more information send over a message to

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