Top 3 air purifying plants for clean air around the home


During the late 80’s, NASA began a  study on houseplants as a way of providing purer and cleaner air for their space stations. They found that there are a number of different houseplants which will help to purify the air.

The plants filtrate certain harmful compounds in the air and create healthier purer air to breathe. Our List of these top 3 plants are easily found to add a natural addition around your home, office, or other places you spend your time, to provide yourself and your family with air that’s much purer and free from harmful chemicals.




Aloe Vera














Aloe Vera is an easy-to-grow, sun-loving succulent which helps clear formaldehyde and benzol from the air we breathe, exposure to these dangerous chemicals may be found in cleaners, paints, nail polish,shampoo, conditioner, hair products, floor cleaner, spray polish, and even vaccines. The Aloe vera plant is a smart choice for a sunny room or bedroom window. NASA conducted a study to find how they could keep the air clean within the space stations. Aloe vera was among those plants that they found would benefit the use. beyond its air-clearing skills, the gel within the aloe plant has several uses the most popular used around the world as an after sun solution to cool down the burning sensation.




The Spider plant












If you tend to neglect houseplants, you’ll have a tough time killing this resilient plant. With countless rich foliage and little white flowers, the spider plant battles benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, xylene and ammonia, Such toxins disperse into our air from a multitude of sources in our daily lives, including adhesives, flexible PVC products such as shower curtains and wipe clean tablecloths, other sources of air pollution in your home is found in chemical air fresheners, hair products, smoking, upholstered furnishings, carpets, wall paint, cleaning products to name a few!

NASA’s study found that the spider plant was the queen of air purifying plants, during their tests they found that this plant remarkably removed 95% of all the Toxic substances in a sealed chamber within 24 hours!

Wherever spend the most time in your home, work or office try to have a nice plant sitting near you, because the closer you are to that plant, the more it´s going to benefit you.




English Ivy



















West Coast Clinical Trials conducted a study on the efficiency of English ivy and airborne mildew

The study was conducted by adding English ivy into separate containers, one with dog stools and also the other with moldy bread. Six hours later, researchers measured the air quality of both containers and discovered that the container with the moldy bread had a 60% drop in airborne-mold. the other container with the dog faces nearly matched the first one, with the English ivy reducing the number of airborne toxins by 58%.

After twelve hours, researchers measured the air quality of each container once more. They found that the container with moldy bread had a 78% drop in airborne toxins, whereas the container with dog stool had a whopping 94%!

Those with respiratory illness, allergies, or the need to breath clean and fresher air would do well to give English ivy a shot!


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